Why Choose 
iCredit Solutions?

*  We legally correct any inaccurate & misleading personal data on your credit report.

*  We Delete any inaccurate & unverifiable credit or collection account information from your credit report.

*  We Remove any inaccurate, unverifiable, & misleading Public Record Information from your credit report.

*  iCredit Solutions coaches clients step by ​​step on how to build new credit to ensure you maintain a positive and healthy credit score.

Proven results. Simple pricing
Our mission is to get you to a 700 credit score or better.
​We attack all of your negative items in a systematic method, getting your credit score where you need to be fast (first results 30-45 days).  

How Does it Work?


Affordable Pricing.....as low as $5 a day!!!

Credit Restoration - $350 Audit/Consultation - $150 a month
Joint Credit Restoration - $550 Audit/Consultation - $250 a month
Additional Costs: Credit Monitoring $29.99 Monthly

(All plans are auto billed monthly to teach you good habits of paying on time)

Monthly Challenges to Creditors and Credit Bureaus
Monthly Progress Consultation and Accountability
Credit Building Education
Personalized Credit Client Portal