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Like any startup, all businesses need capital. You can go through traditional bank loans or other types of lending, but you also have another option: grants.

Why Are Grants Important?

The reality is that even the most innovative and well-thought-out business ideas won’t come to fruition without adequate financial backing. Lack of capital can tank a start-up or prevent a sophomore business from taking off and expanding. Unfortunately, data indicates that entrepreneurs may have difficulty qualifying for traditional small business loans, and when they do, the funding may be less generous than that received by others.

This is where grants come in. Instead of a traditional loan, which you have to pay back with interest, grants are more like gifts. If you qualify, you get the money and you don’t have to pay it back. Grant funding can be a great opportunity for business owners who have challenges qualifying for traditional funding and equal opportunities to compete in the entrepreneurial playing field.

How Grants Work

Grants are obviously preferable to loans since they’re basically free money. Of course, it’s not as simple as asking and receiving. The application process can be long and intensive and often involves a significant waiting period. You’ll also have to meet specific requirements to qualify.

Grants exist in many forms, from federal grants to state grants to grants funded by private organizations, non-profits, or charitable foundations. The grantor (the entity dispersing the grant funds) will determine the qualifications and stipulations of the grantee (the person or organization receiving the money).

Many experts advise that businesses should start researching grants at the state level. The requirements for state grants may not be as stringent, and more options may exist than with federal funding. Each state will have a state website with a business section detailing available grants for all businesses. Mostly all grants have a 30 day waiting period from application, writing, deadline, and disbursement period.

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Program Purpose

- To provide financial assistance to business owners with exceptional financial need. You will be submitted for ongoing grants on a weekly basis. This is an unlimited service. As long as you qualify your membership allows you to be submitted for several grants until awarded. (Documentation Included)*

Who is eligible?


- Most recent business tax return/Schedule C (if business is more than 12 months old).

- A copy of your business license OR EIN/SS-4 documents ( if a business is between 6 and 12 months old but does not have a business license or any business formation documents, the business is not eligible for this opportunity).

- A front and back copy of the business owner's government-issued identification. Acceptable identification includes a driver's license, federal government employee ID card, passport, permanent resident card, alien resident card, or matricula consular)

.-All pages of the 3 most recent business bank statements

- A completed W9 form for the business bank account referenced above.

- A completed ACH form for the business bank account referenced above ( Which will be filled out by the grant writer. Please provide VOIDED CHECK or business routing and account information. 

There is a one time $200 non-refundable membership fee for processing, writing, and submitting your grants.  Once the grant is awarded there is a back end fee of 35% to the grant writing department after the funds are disbursed. If you meet eligibility and ready to apply please submit your information and checkout below.

Grant Community 
Membership Application
Did you file a Schedule C on your tax return?
Did you apply for a SBA grant in 2020/2021?
Is your business a sole proprietorship?
Is your business a LLC?
Is your business checking account at least 1 year old?
Would you like to be considered for grants only?
Would you like to be considered for loans? (Hard inquiry to credit applies)
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Please send all $200 membership payments via Cash App or Zelle for faster processing.


All payments made online will take 5 business days for processing and may delay your grant submissions.


Zelle: Brandy Greene (678-630-5062)


Cash App: $brandyjanell


(Please put the applicant's first and last name only in the notes)

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