What Is a Primary Tradeline?

A primary tradeline is a credit account that is opened in your own name, in which the creditor extends credit to you as the borrower. When you open up a credit card on your own, you have a primary tradeline. This means that you are responsible for the transactions that occur on this tradeline.

Mortgages, auto loans, and credit card accounts under your name are all examples of common primary tradelines. As you can see, you’re probably already familiar with primary tradelines—they’re the most common type of tradeline out there. Chances are, you already have a primary tradeline in your own name!

This is a credit enhancement technique — if you decide to buy a primary tradeline — you can sometimes help yourself quickly increase your FICO Score long enough to: 

  • gain approval on loans

  • negotiate better interest rates

  • have a rental application approved



Renting tradelines really means two different things. Boosting credit scores by being added as an authorized user to a seasoned tradeline. Renting tradelines mean something entirely different. There’s a new wave of companies that will allow you to convert your living residential rent into a reporting tradeline (RentReporters.com, RentTrack, Rental Kharma, i.e.)


There’s no such thing as business tradelines. People simply took the concept of adding tradelines to an individual credit report to boost credit scores. They’re created from the thin are based on assumptions that you could add tradelines to a business credit report. There is no law that supports this and no mechanism that allows it. There is no such thing as business tradelines. To repeat: there’s no such thing as business tradelines which you can purchase the boost your paydex score.

If you want to buy tradelines, keep in mind that it’s possible to improve your credit score without them (and without the added expense) by going through our credit restoration program.

Your patience will pay off tenfold once you’re enjoying the perks that come with a higher credit score.